Can I Get LASIK Twice?

LASIK surgery is nerve-wracking, and many people want to think that they will only need LASIK surgery once. Well, the reality is that LASIK enhancements are sometimes necessary. If you are considering LASIK surgery, you should also consider whether or not you would want a touch-up procedure should your vision change in the future.

Why Would I Need LASIK Again?

Let’s say you had LASIK surgery ten years ago. If you are approaching your 40s, it is important to know that (despite your LASIK surgery) your vision may change. People around this age often experience blurry near vision caused by a condition called presbyopia. While this condition is not much more than an annoyance, many people are not ok with the idea of needing glasses to see again. Sometimes, the effects of this condition can be reduced through a specialized LASIK procedure. Other times, different treatments may be more suitable.

Pregnancy may also cause a change in your vision. Blurry vision caused by the increase in hormones may go away after pregnancy, but sometimes it doesn’t. A secondary LASIK procedure can help your vision return to its previously clear state.

Your eyes are unpredictable. Eyes are typically fully developed sometime around age 21, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t experience changes throughout your lifetime. Your eyes may change shape or get worse over the course of your life, and these changes cannot be stopped by getting LASIK surgery. But they can be improved.

Surgeon error may also be a reason for a LASIK touch-up. Sometimes, a surgeon may not reshape the eye enough to get the best results. This is fixable through a short LASIK enhancement procedure.

What Is the LASIK Enhancement Procedure Like?

Your second LASIK procedure will be almost exactly like your first. The only difference is that your surgeon will not have to create a corneal flap. The flap from the previous procedure will be lifted up and moved over to expose the inner layers of the cornea. From there, your second LASIK surgery will be exactly the same as the first. Your surgeon will use the excimer laser to reshape the eye. Once the proper adjustments have been made, your surgeon will smooth the flap back into place. That’s it!

Recovery from your second LASIK will be just like your first as well. You will be sent home with a few prescription eye drops. After your procedure, you should nap for a few hours to rest your eyes. This will also help you sleep through some of the initial side effects of LASIK, like the feeling of dry eyes. This side effect will fade with time and you may use over the counter eye drops to help lubricate the eyes.

Be sure to follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions. This will ensure healing happens quickly and reduces your risk of complication substantially. The day after your procedure, you will come into our office for a follow-up exam to make sure everything is healing well.

If you got LASIK years ago and would like to touch-up your results, contact Malik Eye Care in Jackson Heights, Manhattan, or Forest Hills to schedule your LASIK enhancement consultation. We look forward to helping you restore your post-LASIK vision!