Can You Get LASIK Twice?

Can You Get LASIK Twice?

Yes, you can get LASIK surgery twice. 

About 10% of people who had their initial surgery 10 years ago may need follow-up treatment to maintain clear vision. Some opt for other type of refractive surgery or an enhancement procedure. 

Risks of Undergoing LASIK Eye Surgery Multiple Times

LASIK is generally considered a quick and safe surgery to treat vision problems with a high success rate. A reported 99 percent of LASIK procedures result in 20/40 vision or better. More than 90 percent achieve 20/20 vision or better after laser vision correction.

With LASIK surgery, as with all surgeries, there are some side effects and risks involved. The more times you have the surgery, the more often you face these risks.

Here are some risks associated with LASIK surgery:

  • Dry eye. You may experience dry eyes for up to three months. 
  • Visual disturbances. You may have nighttime glare or see halos in the dark.
  • Corneal flap complications. LASIK involves cutting a flap in your cornea. There‚Äôs a risk of corneal flap injury if it becomes irritated or dislodged during the healing process. 

How Many Years Does LASIK Surgery Last?

For most people, the effects of Lasik eye surgery last a lifetime. When the eye surgeon reshapes your cornea, they correct the imperfections that cause poor visual acuity. Because of this, LASIK is considered a permanent solution.

However, refractive errors can progress, or you may develop other vision changes later in life such as presbyopia and cataracts. Because your eyes change with age, you may experience new refractive errors after LASIK surgery. Luckily there are different options available to help you to reduce the dependence on glasses as you age such as Multifocal Implants.