Proper Eye Care During Fall

When the chilly and dry air of Fall begin to roll in, we often take steps to protect ourselves from the impending cold and flu season. But it may surprise you to know that the briskness of Fall and Winter may have a few potential risks in store for our vision as well. 3 Factors… Read More

The Science of Tennis And Your Eyes

Tennis is a very demanding sport, and especially tough because of the excellent relationship it requires between your eyes and body movement to produce the sport loved by many. Top scientists and researchers have narrowed down the top 4 ocular skills needed to effectively play the sport. In honor of the U.S. Open getting underway… Read More

The Importance Of Back To School Eye Exams

With school starting up again soon, now is a great time to bring your child in for their yearly eye exam before classes start! Classroom Vision Problems Are Varied Reports estimate that 10% of preschoolers have a vision problem significant enough to impact learning, and being nearsighted or farsighted aren’t the only problems they can have with… Read More

Retinal Detachment and its Warning Signs

The human eye is an incredibly complex organ, which means there are many ways something can go wrong. One of these issues is retinal detachment: a serious, sight-threatening condition that will affect 1 in every 300 people at some point in their lives. Retinal detachment can be treated with early action, and for that, patients… Read More

UV Rays and Your Eyes

July is National UV Safety Month! Summer is an exciting time full of fun activities, but they can be less enjoyable for your eyes if you don’t have the proper protection. A lot of us do more outdoor activities in the summer than in other seasons, and that exposes our eyes to more harmful UV… Read More

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